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Fundamentals of Ocean Data Management

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2013-05-27 - End: 2013-05-31
Location UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE Wandelaarkaai 7, Oostende, Belgium
Short Title OceanTeacher Academy Training Course
Summary This course provides an introduction to the steps required to obtain and utilize ocean station data including the guiding principles of data management and major responsibilities of a data manager. Target Audience - Data Managers - Graduates and undergraduates on ocean-related science fields who need to manage data sets Learning Objectives - Knowledge and understanding of the management of ocean station data collections, from initial assembly through typical management processes and methods - Understanding of the core theoretical and practical concepts surrounding creation and maintenance of regional- or national-scale ocean station data resources - Awareness of some principal formats used to store or manage ocean station data - Ability to use the ODV software for the interactive analysis and visualization of ocean station data - Understanding of the importance of metadata for describing and managing data - Graduates of this course should be fully qualified to lead or play a major role in ocean station data management activities for governmental or non-governmental (i.e. research, survey) programs Topics to be included: - Integration of Marine Data Resources - Building a Regional Ocean Data Collection - Commonly Created Analysis Products in ODV - Export Marine Data or products from ODV - Quality Control of marine Data Collections using ODV - Add Argo Data (from Coriolis) to an ODV Collection - Add (Seabird) CTD data to an ODV Collection - Introduction to Metadata for Marine Data Managers Course Prerequisites: - Excellent computer skills with experience in the use of spreadsheets to manipulate data. - Good command of the English language Notes: - This course is not suited for applicants who are already familiar with ODV - Participants are encouraged to bring their own data for analysis in class. A Certificate of Participation will be issued to all successful students.
Notes Period for applications: 7 January - 15 February Detailed information on how to register and the Application Form available at www.oceanteacher.org
Web site http://www.oceanteacher.org
Keywords marine data management

Event Entered By Cláudia DELGADO
Organisers Greg REED (contact for Lecturer)
Cláudia DELGADO (contact for Organizational questions)

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