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Open-ended Intesessional Financial Advisory Group 2012-2013

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Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-06-25
Short Title IFAG-2012-13
Summary In pursuance to Decision 5.2 of the IOC Executive Council at its Forty-fifth session (Paris, UNESCO HQ, 26–28 June 2013), the open-ended Intersessional Financial Advisory Group (IFAG) is being re-constituted under the chairship of Vice-chair Peter Haugan with the primary objective of developing the draft IOC Medium-term Strategy (MTS) for 2014–2021 and draft Programme Objectives and outcomes for 2014–2017, which will be considered by the IOC Assembly at its Twenty-seventh session in June 2013. The date of the event only marks the starting point of an ongoing process to develop the draft IOC Medium-Term-Strategy for 2014-2021 until subnission to the IOC Assembly in June 2013. This page acts as a document repository for the members of the Group. The agenda is a combination of the timeline of work and the initial structure of the MTS proposed at the EC in June 2012. The documentation gathers potential contributions to the MTS and can be organized as follows: * Contributions identified by the Executive Council in its dec. 5.2 (June 2012) * Background documents from the UN & Global Partnerships * Background documents proposed by IOC, its programmes and field offices * UNESCO information on the preparation of its MTS * National background documents
Notes The Group is working by electronic correspondence.
Keywords Finance; programme; strategy

Event Entered By Patrice BONED
Organisers Peter HAUGAN (contact for Chairman)
Mika ODIDO (contact for IOC Coordinator in Africa, Kenya )
Peter PISSIERSSENS (contact for Head, IOC Project Office for IODE)
Mitrasen BHIKAJEE (contact for IOC focal point)
Cesar TORO (contact for IOC Secretary for IOCARIBE)
Albert FISCHER (contact for Head, Ocean Observations and Services section)
Thorkild AARUP (contact for Head (a.i.) Tsunami Unit, Technical Secretary of GLOSS)
Wenxi ZHU (contact for Head, UNESCO/IOC Regional Secretariat for WESTPAC)
Patrice BONED (contact for Documentalist)
Xenia YVINEC (contact for IFAG Secretary)
Luis VALDES (contact for Chief of Section for Ocean Science )

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Group(s): IOC
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