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Energy from the sea, for greener growth?

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-06-25 - End: 2012-06-27
Location entretiens énergie de la mer, France
Short Title EEM 2012
Summary Innovation is an engine of growth. Many countries are committed to the coming new marine renewable energy sector, (including offshore wind). How do we encourage innovation in this field? // How are the European 2020 commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a new leading edge multi-disciplinary industry going to be financed? // Are we facing a new challenge to create an energy Europe with the coastal regions of the Atlantic, English Channel, the North Sea, and the Baltic? // The sector creates jobs, but how do we adapt and transfer knowledge and skills whilst also taking into account the impact of science on society? // Three mornings hosted by European speakers are reserved for exchanges so as better to know, understand, and facilitate the harmonisation of different standards and legislations : •25 June 2012: Research and Research & Development: policies and finance •26 June 2012: Land use planning •27 June 2012: Economics, employment, training and information // Three afternoons dedicated to groupworks, company and laboratory visits. // The 2012 Renewable Energy from the Sea symposium, chaired by Professor Michel Ricard, is aimed at interested individuals and industry professionals.
Notes Thanks to our partner Marine Renewable Energy, your company/education center is able to become a co-partner of the “entretiens des energies de la mer” 2012. Please go to our website to discover all the partnership ooportunities. // The registration form as well as all the event information are available on our website
Web site http://www.energiesdelamer.org/index.php
Keywords energy from the sea marine renewable green growth offshore wind standards legislations research land use

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