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IOC/WESTPAC Workshop on “Status on the Marine Renewable Energy Technology Development in the Western Pacific”

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-02-16 - End: 2012-02-18
Location Melaka, Malaysia
Summary As the global economy has been booming, the world energy consumption is always on the rise. Over past centuries, non-renewable/fossil energy, being the primary type of energies, has been widely explored, exploited and utilized at every corner of the world. This workshop aims at bringing regional experts together, promoting the research & development of marine renewable technology by facilitating the establishment of research & development network, assessing the current level of research, development and implementation of Marine Renewable Energy Technologies, sharing the world best practice and further identify the pilot projects among member states in this field.
Web site http://cms2.unescobkk.org/westpac/about-us/ioc-westpac/ioc-westpac/westpac-working-groups/wg004-wg-mret/meetings/marine-renewable-energy-technology/

Event Entered By Wenxi ZHU

Group(s): IOC , GOOS
Created: 2012-06-07 06:36:41
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