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Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2013-06-16 - End: 2013-06-17
Location Victoria, Canada
Summary Key activities at the ICAN-6 workshop will include: • exploring the opportunities for ICAN in an IODE context and how to build synergies with other IOC projects; • discussion of coastal atlas training needs and how ICAN members can contribute; • Atlas Stories – presentations from Atlas developers and users from North and South American Pacific coasts and beyond • an Atlas Showcase providing an opportunity for atlas developers to present their atlases • a small “workshop within a workshop” for atlas technical developers on how to become a new node in the ICAN interoperability demonstrator, version 3. • a small “workshop within a workshop” focussing on Volunteered Geographical Information (VGI) and its implications for coastal atlases • development of an ICAN work plan for the period 2013-2015 Full details can be found on http://ican.science.oregonstate.edu/en/ican6
Web site http://ican.science.oregonstate.edu/en/ican6

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Group(s): IOC , IODE , HAB , Integrated Coastal Research
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