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OceanTeacher Academy course: Regional and Operational Oceanography for Coastal Resources Management

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-08-25 - End: 2012-08-29
Location Tuxpan, Mexico
Summary This course includes elements of basic GIS (for management area mapping) and elements of operational/synoptic oceanography for analyses of resources (locations, qualities and abundances) as they concern environmental conditions. The intention is to provide coastal resource managers with ancillary skills and resources to assist them in their specialized research and management activities. It is not a basic marine science course, and requires no proficiency in any specific marine discipline. New datasets are not created during this course, but many new views of the data in the form of "products" are, because this course concentrates on the use of existing resources. Mainly in the preliminary Geographic Information System lesson are there some (optional) exercises that require data manipulation. This is because resource managers today should be able to use GIS software "fluently," just like spreadsheet and word processor programs, and should not rely on associates to perform ordinary map tasks. Pre-requisites: • Students should be graduate students or recent graduates in the marine or atmospheric sciences • Students should be highly proficient in the use of personal computers with Windows XP or W7 • Students should have a good command of English
Notes Lecturers: Murray Brown Course contents available at: http://classroom.oceanteacher.org/
Keywords operational oceanography; resources management

Event Entered By Cláudia DELGADO
Organisers Carlos TORRES

Group(s): IODE , Capacity Development
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