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2012 China International Offshore Oil & Gas Exhibition

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-08-22 - End: 2012-08-24
Location Shanghai New International Expo Center, China, shanghai, China
Short Title ciooe shanghai
Summary China International Offshore Oil & Gas Exhibition (CIOOE), a regular show in oil and gas industry, has been held simultaneously with China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) for 11 sessions successfully. It is recognized by UFI as the 22nd high quality show in the Chinese Mainland, and has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world. Three years ago, the CIPPE&CIOOE moved to Shanghai for its infusive location in China. Shanghai, has great potential to be one of the world\'s main global financial centers, located in south-east coastal of China. The CIOOE Shanghai fills the gap that there is no world-class offshore oil exhibition on coast of Western Pacific Ocean! CIOOE will provide a broad promotion platform for offshore oil equipment companies in the worldwide.
Notes • Oil & gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment • Petroleum & petrochemical equipment and manufacturing • Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling ( for onshore and offshore ). • Examination & repair, maintenance, and management of petroleum & petrochemical equipments • Technology and equipment for oil and gas pipeline engineering • Technology and equipment for scientific research and laboratory in petroleum & petrochemical industry • Driving Machinery including generation set • Technological process and equipment for oil refining. • PCL & DCS Control System, On-site Bus Technical Equipment • Industrial automation plant and instrumentation • Oil & gas ground technical equipment • Technologies and equipment for safety, environmental protection, and energy conservation • Petrochemical production and advanced material • Electrical & electronic equipment, cable and electric wire • Sales system and facilities in petrol & gas station • Pipeline, tank car and special vehicles for oil and gas transportation • Fluid control equipment- Compressor, Pump, Blower and Valve • Fire and alarm equipment, articles for industrial safety and labor protection • Industrial explosion-proof products • Equipment for industrial rinsing, technology and material for anti-corrosion. • Communication, management information system, and e-commerce •Technology and equipment for loading & unloading, packaging, storing & transporting
Web site http://sh.ciooe.com.cn
Keywords OTC in West, CIOOE in East

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