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Land-Sea Interactions in the Coastal Zone

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-11-06 - End: 2012-11-08
Location , Byblos, Lebanon
Short Title LANDSI- 2012
Summary The coast represents the crossroads between the oceans, land and atmosphere, and all three contribute to the physical and ecological evolution of coastlines. Coasts are dynamic systems, with identifiable inputs and outputs of energy and material. More than half the world’s human population lives at the coast, and here people often come into conflict with natural coastal processes. Recurring problems such as the impacts of coastal development and new threats such as those related to invasive species, global climate change (storms, tsunamis, rise of sea level..) and other humaninduced hazards require new approaches to coastal resource management . An understanding of the interactions of the land and the sea is essential in evaluating the hazards associated with coastal zones. The program of LANDSI- 2012 Conference will include keynote addresses by leading experts during the plenary sessions, technical presentations, special panel discussions and poster sessions The event will provide opportunities to allow exchange of ideas between specialists on concerned subjects and engage over a wide array of coastal topics. Abstracts will be made available to participants prior to the conference and following the event the papers that have been presented will be included in the formal proceedings.
Web site http://www.cnrs.edu.lb

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Group(s): IOC , GOOS , Integrated Coastal Research
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