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Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-11-14 - End: 2012-11-16
Location , Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Short Title INCOMES 2012
Summary This is the second international conference on marine ecosystem which is organized by the Marine Ecosystem Research Centre (EKOMAR), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in collaboration with the National Oceanography Directorate (NOD), Johor State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) & Johor State Government. The marine ecosystems are areas that support high biological diversity and have been over exploited in recent years for intensive development activities such as fisheries, new township, tourism and transportation. The marine ecosystems are also vulnerable to global change as a consequence of the direct (physical disturbance, pollution, etc.) and indirect (climate) effects. Distinguishing natural and anthropogenic impacts are a major challenge of science and technology in our global society. This conference serves as an international platform that gives the opportunity for researchers, postgraduates, scientists, government and non-government organizations to present, discuss and disseminate their findings pertaining to the sustainability of and threats to the marine ecosystems. The theme for this conference is ‘moving towards multi-scientific knowledge for sustainable future’ in marine ecosystem. The conference issues will be cover various aspect of biodiversity resources, climate change and environmental impacts, technology and innovation, sustainable management, economy and social & health and risk. The conference sought to explore critical issues, drawing out experiences and lessons learned in addressing these issues. Through the conference, participants will have the opportunity to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences in related disciplines. We are also hopeful that this conference will forge new networks and partnerships to more effectively address the challenges we face.
Web site http://www.ukm.my/juneng/incomes2012/
Keywords Biodiversity Resources, Climate Change & Environment Impacts, Sustainable Pollution & Management, Marine Science, Economy & Social, Health and Risk

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