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OceanTeacher Academy Training Course: Marine and Coastal Atlas Development 2012

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-11-05 - End: 2012-11-09
Location UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE Wandelaarkaai 7, Oostende, Belgium
Short Title Marine and Coastal Atlas Development 2012
Summary This course will focus on the development of an interactive web-based marine atlas. Participants will prepare a prototype atlas using MapServer, an open source development environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications. The MIDA extension will be used as the interface to MapServer. Participants will be required to prepare products and related metadata records for a wide range of data layers essential for the development of the atlases, including both local and regional data in order to test the functionality of their products. Target Audience: Earth scientists (preferably with marine or marine-related backgrounds) with responsibility for developing or enhancing national or regional marine atlases. Learning Objectives: • To introduce the Atlas Developer to an open source software application to build spatially-enabled internet applications and publish maps. • To build an interactive map application demonstrator for a Marine Atlas Course Prerequisite: Students will need to have completed one of the following Ocean Teacher Academy courses: • Introduction to Marine GIS with SAGA • Marine GIS Applications (ArcGIS) • or have completed appropriate GIS training and have experience in the use of GIS. Students will be required to successfully complete pre-course data preparation before final confirmation of acceptance Topics to be covered include: • Review of GIS Formats and Product Specifications • Review of Coastal & Marine Data Typology • Generation of raster images and GIS-ready files • Formatting of vector data in shapefile and other formats • Assessment of Individual Data Collection Results • Introduction to metadata (standards, tools) • OGC Catalogue Service for the Web • Mapserver Installation and customization • Rendering Legends for Mapserver • Introduction to Integrated Coastal Atlas Network • MIDA demonstration and installation • Prepare Atlas Prototype Application Lecturers: • Greg Reed (lead) • Murray Brown Note: It is highly desirable for students to bring their own laptop computer for assignments and exercises
Notes Period for applications: 18 June - 20 July Detailed information on how to register and the Application Form available at www.oceanteacher.org
Keywords data management; marine; coastal; atlas

Event Entered By Cláudia DELGADO
Organisers Greg REED
Annelies GROEN

Group(s): IOC , IODE , Capacity Development
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