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15th International Conference on Harmful Algae

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-10-29 - End: 2012-11-02
Location , ISSHA Changwon Exhibition Convention Center, CECO, Changwon, Korea Rep
Short Title 15th ICHA
Summary The 15th International Conference on Harmful Algae HAB2012 aims to address all issues related to the causes and effects of marine and freshwater harmful micro- and macro-algae and to serve as a forum for exchanging research outcomes and relevant ideas between researchers, industries, governments and interested parties. The Conference will address the following topics of interest: Population dynamics of Harmful Algal Blooms Time series of HAB events: Climatic and anthropogenic induced impacts Impact of HABs on marine food webs and ecosystem structure and function Biological interactions: allelopathy, mixotrophy, parasitism, symbiosis, bacteria and viruses New regional HAB events Inland Seas and HABs Introduction of allien species and HABs Cyanobacterial ecology, physiology and bioactive compounds Genomics and genetic diversity of HABs Toxins: chemical structure and synthesis, detection and analytical methods Novel sensor technologies for bio-sensing applications in HAB research and monitoring. Harmful Algae culture collections Management, mitigation and public outreach for HABs
Web site http://www.hab2012.kr/page?id=eng_sub_101


Group(s): IOC , HAB
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