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About OceanExpert...

OceanExpert is a product developed in 1997 under the auspices of the IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM). OceanExpert is a free product but can be used only for non-profit purposes.

As an individual professional you are welcome to add your information to the database. If you would like to collaborate with the OceanExpert project by coordinating input for your institution or country then please contact us. In order to improve global coverage of the database we are constantly looking for national or regional input coordinators.

When you create your record you will be asked to create a userid and password. These will be essential to edit your record later. Don't forget to keep these in a safe place! If you haven't made any changes to your record in a year then, once a year, OceanExpert will send you an email inviting you to update your record.

What information is included in OceanExpert?

OceanExpert contains detailed information on individuals. This includes:

Surname (+Firstname); Job Title, Job Type ;
Organization; Organization's Acronym, Department, Organization Type
Address, City, State, Country, Phone, fax, email, URL
Description of your activities (keywords); Environment (marine, freshwater, brackishwater)
Geographic Descriptors relevant to activities
Subject Descriptors (grouping of professionals into subject areas)
Citations of your most important and/or most recent papers

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OceanExpert currently contains 12052 experts (159 added and 262 edited in the last 30 days).
OceanExpert currently contains 4238 institutions (41 added and 202 edited in the last 30 days).
OceanExpert currently contains 1702 events (10 added and 57 edited in the last 30 days).
OceanExpert currently contains 181 jobs (0 added in the last 30 days).